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Big Bubbleverse Bubbles

This is our special recipe for making big bubbles that you can make with just a few ingredients. This recipe makes a bubble concentrate and is perfect for Big Bubbles, Outdoor Bubbles, and putting people inside bubbles. *Not recommended for bubble machines, bubble sculptures, bubble table, or bubble wall.

You'll need some tools and a few ingredients.

They are easy to find on Amazon or other online retailers.


  • clean jug or large container with a lid

  • liquid measuring cup (can be found at the Dollar Tree)

  • gram scale

  • paper plate

  • funnel (can be found at the Dollar Tree)


Instructions for making the concentrate:

1. Pre-measure your powders.
2. Into a jug or large container, add your 7 grams of baking powder and 4 grams of J-Lube.

3. Pour in 2 cups of warm/hot tap water. (Note: You should be able to use Tap water without ill effects unless you have very harsh water or treated water, then use distilled. You can get PH strips to test your water for alkalinity.)

4. Put cap back on and shake jug vigorously for 1 minute. It's important to start shaking it as soon as the water hits the powders to prevent clumping.

5. Add the 2 cups of Dawn Pro to the jug

6. Gently rock (do not shake!) and turn jug so that the Dawn mixes in without creating foam or froth for 2 minutes.

7. Leave lid open overnight, as it "brews" some gases may escape. Your mix should be made at least 8 hours before using for a performance.

**When creating a bigger batch, add the j-lube and baking powder to a large 5 gallon bucket but repeat the steps 1-4 repeatedly. If you try to mix bigger batches, the powders tend to clump and not mix well. Then add the appropriate amount of Dawn to the bucket and use a large spoon or whisk to mix.

Instructions for diluting the concentrate for performance:

1. To make the bubble juice, add two cups of concentrate to one gallon of distilled water. 


  • Treat your bubbles like a baby! Don't leave it in a too hot or too cold car! Your mix will be compromised.

  • Concentrate will last a few months as long as it isn't contaminated. Juice (once mixed) generally only lasts a few weeks.

  • Concentrate can be refridgerated for longevity, however it needs to reach room temp before mixing bubble juice.

  • Do not worry about the white sediment that appears at the bottom of your container. It is totally normal in any mix that includes baking powder. Baking powder has a lot of corn starch in it. Corn starch is insoluble in room temperature water.  The sediment does no harm, and there is no benefit in trying to get it to incorporate into the mix.

  • Be careful to keep containers upright! Even when lids are screwed tight, the soap tends to slip out if the container is laying upside down or on it's side. (trust me, cleaning bubble concentrate out of your car floor boards is no fun. Don't ask how we know.)

Happy Bubbling Bubbleverse Babes!

- Lindsey & Meadow

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