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It's National Bubble Week 2023!

We're a little over a month out from The Bubbleverse Ball, your pass into out of this world bubble centric party services! While our journey into The Bubbleverse at Warehouse on Watts isn't until April 28, it is National Bubble Week right now - from March 20-27, 2023.

Pictured Above: Meadow Perry makes millions of bubbles at once!

Obviously, we here at The Bubbleverse love everything bubbles and we're excited to share our passion for this popular party element. Both Lindsey Noel and Meadow Perry fell in love with the real magic of the see-through spheres from first blow. But we're not gonna focus on our founders Meadow (pictured above with the million bubble garland wands) and Lindsey - today we're gonna talk about the history of National Bubble Week.

Founded in 2000, National Bubble Week always falls on the first week of spring. And while it is by definition a commercial holiday (Hasbro is the brains behind the occasion) we'll take any excuse to bring bubbles into the spotlight! And we can't fault Hasbro for recognizing that bubbles are the perfect way to celebrate the start of outdoor activity season. I mean, just look at the joy on Meadow's face as she makes ALL those bubbles! Even as the one bringing the bubbles to life, one can't help but be overcome by the pure joy each little floating iridescent ball holds.

Pictured Above: Lindsey Noel enjoys the simple pleasure of a big ol' bubble

As far as outdoor activities go, bubbles are a sure fire way to get lots of folks involved in the magic of your event. There are so many ways to incorporate these other worldly wonders and they come in all sizes (mostly they come in one shape, but we'll elaborate on different shapes in another post). For instance, did you know that when making big bubbles you can make them REALLY giant? In fact, the Guinness world record for the biggest free floating soap bubble outdoors is 3400 cubic feet! It was blown by Gary Pearlman in Cleveland, OH on June 20, 2015. To put that into perspective for you: An elephant takes up about 176 cubic feet. That means Gary's world record bubble could hold 19 and a half elephants (if you tetrised them in real good anyway - ha!)

Surprisingly, the record for the largest free floating soap bubble indoors is much smaller than the outdoor record. We would have expected the conditions inside to be more controlled and therefore yield a larger bubble considering the fewer variables. However, the record for this, also held by Gary Pearlman, is 757 cubic feet - just over a mere 4 elephants worth of room in that one! It must be harder to make extraordinarily large bubbles indoors though, because while Gary has mostly held this record, in 2017 he was briefly dethroned by Pierre-Yves Fusier from France. Gary Pearlman only gained back the title with his just-over-4-elephant sized bubble on May 15, 2019.

Pictured Above: Gary Pearlman's World Record breaking Indoor giant free floating soap bubble. Yup, that's what 4.3 elephants look like without any negative space. (Photo provided by Guiness World Records website)

Wow! Those are some big bubbles, huh? We love all kinds of bubbles in The Bubbleverse, but can not deny the mesmerizing quality of one really huge bubble wiggling and wobbling and stabilizing as it tries to make peace with the atmosphere around it. You can almost feel everyone holding their breath and crossing their fingers for bubbly success. In fact, I know we've both (Me and Meadow) been caught cheering for a really big bubble as it settles into a sphere, floating high above and away, hoping that it lasts long enough so those folks it passes over can look up and be mesmerized by its very real magic, too.

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