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Putting People in a Bubble Isn’t New!

Updated: May 21, 2023

Bubble babes pictured above from left to right: Alda, Jenny, Lauren, Meadow, Oleanna, Rebecca

Greetings from the Bubbleverse! We've been hard at work training our bastion of bubble babes for all your bubbly party needs and hands down a favorite part of training has been the "Person in Bubble" rig. We're about two thirds of the way through the preliminary training with our new crew (final Bubbleverse training 101 is scheduled for April 17th with some of our out of town crew) and one of the first things we're teaching them because we know it's always in demand is how to put a person inside of a bubble!

Step one, invest in a large person in bubble rig! Luckily with Meadow's extensive collection of bubble artistry props, we already had one for our bubble babes to try out. And try they did! While it might seem straight forward, there is a lot of specific consideration that goes into making the person in bubble rig successfully enclose another person in joy and a rainbow filter for a photo. I'm sure you're waiting for me now to divulge steps 2, 3, and beyond, but that knowledge is exclusively reserved for Bubbleverse Babes and Bosses.

So while all of our bubble babes have started to get the hang of the art of human bubble enclosure, they'll be hanging out with Meadow while she works at both Ocean City Renaissance Festival April 14-16 and New Jersey Renaissance Faire May 27 & 28 and 29th to put all the Ren Faire folks, fae, and mermaids inside bubbles to help hone their giant person holding bubble crafting capabilities. If you have never had the chance to be inside of a bubble these two events are open to the public and we'd love to give you the opportunity!

While bubbles seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment, they've been a favored and whimsical pass time for centuries. In fact, the first documented photograph of a person inside of a bubble dates back to 1905 from Meredith Nugent's "New Games and Amusements for Young and Old Alike". If you look at the admittedly very grainy photo here to the right, you can see that the tools for putting a person inside a bubble have not really changed all that much in the past 100 years. Just goes to show some types of entertainment are truly timeless and endlessly magical.

While the overall design hasn't changed, here in the Bubbleverse we're always working on developing and improving these fun and time tested types of bubble-tainment. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming releases in the ways of new and improved Tristring wands and person in bubble rigs! We've worked and tested out so many versions of what's out there and we're excited to start manufacturing what we know will be best for the big job of making giant bubbles, whether they have a person in them or not.

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